Unwitting cuck, unwilling bull.

I really couldn’t believe it was happening. Even now, looking back from the vantage point of several months gone by, it seems kind of surreal. Except it did happen, and the situation continues to evolve and get more strange. But that first time, on the boat at Lake Powell, it was like I was looking at two other people from a distance, through a soft-focus filter or some weird thing. I just couldn’t get my head around it, but the alcohol was probably partly responsible.
She was naked, obviously extremely aroused, and moaning softly as she sucked on my cock. I had tried to fight her off, I really had, but she had teased me all day, showing ever more of her body, brushing against me in the narrow passageways on the boat, bending to flash her pussy at me, rubbing the tanning lotion on real slow and making her large nipples stiffen. I had been in a state of hyper-arousal since early afternoon, and she knew it, so when she began to grope me my defenses were already weakened…

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