My Husband – My Bitch

IVE decided to tell my whole story here.
Not really for your pleasure but to humiliate my husband.

Ill start with the back ground and how my life went from dull TO MR.BULL.
ill refer to my stubby hubby as bitch or wimpy.
he hates

any way he is 5’7 150 pounds 38 years old/im 5’6 132 pounds. IM 37
im the only piece of ass hes ever had.I know pathetic.
I knew right away i would cheat on him I LOVE A BIG COCK!! and can not lie.
not wimpys.

After work one night i came home late well ok real late.He waited up
and when i came in,WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN slut bitch , whore you name it he called me it.
I THAUGHT TO MY SELF hmmm, im not taking his crap any more im outa here
(yes i met a guy at the bar and yes i had been a he was about to find out because im telling him ,hes not calling me names any more.
ok brett i said yes i fucked a guy i met .Not only that, ive fucked three others in the last two months not only that i had a threesome.His eyes got big and you could see he was not liking it. awwwwwwww poor little one cant take the truth.You know i could have one of those guys come over and kick your ass for cussing me like that..hmm I think i will i started to pick up the phone
no please dont he said.WAS IT JUST A ONE TIME THING? AAA thats a big NO.

well i still think you need your ass kicked PLEASE HE SAID dont call.Well ill tell you what if you want me here, things will be different from here on out. AND YOU BE PUNISHED FOR INSULTING ME THAT WAY. IS THAT CLEAR. yes. I CANT HERE YOU? YES,what do you mean though WELL I THINK ITS TIME YOU LEARNED SOME respect first off.
thanks for reading. ill con’t later

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