I Cried For Days – A Cheating Wife’s Confession

A young cheating wife confesses her shameful interracial lust.

It has been two weeks and I still cry from time to time. He was just there
and it just happened. My husband is the greatest husband possible. We married young and have been married for three years. then I stepped over the line and cheated. It was in a cheap hotel while he was at work.
I met the big black man at the grocery store. He followed me to my mini van in the parking lot. He made a move on me and I just couldn’t stop him or me. The hardest part was the sex was about a million times better than with my husband – I realized I had never really had an orgasam with my husband, this man, made me a woman I think. And I want more. More of my black lover. My husband feels so inadequate now. what can I do. I love him but need sex with the new man in my life.

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  • bridget says:

    ive had lovers that where better than hubby and he has a fairly nice cock but i tell him when imm going to do someone else

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