First Time Cuckolding

Masturbation and sexual denial are all that is left for this cuckold slave, after his wife of 11 years invites her former lover to come over and give her the kind of fucking her little dicked hubby could never give her.

“Are you sure you want this?” My wife of 11 years asked me. We had spent hours getting her ready for her date, and she couldn’t have looked any hotter. My tiny erection throbbed against the lacy material of my wife’s panties I was told to wear.
“Yes my love. My Goddess. My beautiful wife. I really want this.”
“You’re such an ass kisser!” My wife teased as she lifted her short skirt up to reveal her luscious bottom to me. I dropped to my knees and planted soft kisses on my wife’s butt cheeks. She giggled and pushed my head away.
“I can’t beleive this is going to happen,” she said as she straightened her skirt. “I can’t believe I’m going to hook up tonight, in our bed. Do you know how long it has been since I fucked a man with a real cock? Over 12 years. I can’t even remember what it’s like having a man-sized cock inside me. I haven’t had yours in me for what, two or three years?”
“It’s actually been just shy of four years.”
“Really?” She said as she raised an eyebrow. “Almost four years since you willingly gave up your right as my husband to have intercouse with your wife. Ever since I found out you liked to be humiliated, especially about your tiny, itsy bitsy, wittle penis. You like the fact that your own wife won’t let you inside her. You love being denied by your wife. You love to be teased don’t you?”
“Yes,” I breathed.
“And then I discovered the word “Cuckold” on your computer. I found out you want your faithful wife of 11 years to turn you into a cuckold. You want your wife to not only deny you sex, but you want her to fuck other men. You want her to do with these men what is forbidden to you, my husband. You want me to find a man with a big cock, and you want me to suck it and fuck it in our own bed while you watch from the closet.” She was getting too worked up, had actually started rubbing her pussy through her panties. The panties I was wearing were stained with precum.
“I am so horny right now. I’m so glad we decided to do this. This guy I’m hooking up with is an old boyfriend from college. He just got divorced and he’s totally clean. We are going out for dinner and then we’re comming back here to fuck. You are to be in the closet at 8:00. We’re planning on fucking for a long time, he knows I’m using him for sex and he’s cool with that. I am going to cuckold you in our bed while you watch wearing a pair of my dirty panties. I am going to let him fuck me without a condom. He is going to come in your wife’s pussy. And when he leaves, you are going to lick me clean to cement your position as my willing cuckold.”
My heart was racing and I had never been more excited as I was at that moment.
When he pulled into our driveway, my wife enthusiastically declaired “He’s here!” She practically ran out the door. I was left trembling with emotion. I couldn’t wait until this day arrived, and now that it was here, I knew I was finally going to be my wife’s cuckold slave.

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