Sarah’s Game

James is a husband so desperate to please his wife that he would do anything that she tells him to. His wife Sarah knows her husbands secret forbidden fantasy… Even if he won’t admit it. Step in the world of the dominant wife who has total control of her husband and uses that control for her own pleasure.

She knew he wanted to just say no, stop this now. That was part of the attraction of all this, seeing how far she could take him, how hard she could push. Sarah sensed that if she went too far too quickly he would rebel, refuse. But the gentle probing, small steps, light pushes were different. Leading him where he didn’t want to go. Such power. Such fun.

“Just think how you’ll feel, picking up the phone, dialing his number, hearing his voice. I’ll bet you’d be hard down here”. Sarah ran her finger across the front of his trousers as she spoke, finding the hardness there now. Giggling at his involuntary reaction. “See, your excited just thinking about it.”

“I can’t, I don’t know, it’s not right. You’re my wife.”

Sarah smiled. “We’d be doing this together, you’d be involved, helping. That’s what makes it ok. Nothing behind you back, your part of it. Giving me something you can’t give me on your own. A sacrifice for me, think how hot that would be”.

He was weakening, she could tell, his eyes flitting from the open phone book on the coffee table to her legs. She shifted slightly, legs opening just a fraction. Enough though to move her short skirt up a few inches. Suspender straps now revealed. Another of his weaknesses, so easy to manipulate him this way.

Unzipping him slowly, looking up smiling as she pulled him free of his trousers. Just inches in front of her eyes, erect, not touching just looking. “You saw him remember, much bigger. Look at yours for me, what do you think, half the size maybe?”

James looked down at himself. “Yes, probably but?..”

“There are no buts are there”, Sarah interrupted. “Think how much better it was for me. It can be like that again, you want me to be happy don’t you. Even if it hurts you a little to make me happy. I think you’d like that really. I think we should try.”

Almost trance like James found himself slowly nodding. He’d agreed hadn’t he. Hadn’t wanted to, didn’t know why he had. So scared but it was what she wanted, what she needed. Maybe Sarah was right, what they needed. So confusing but she seemed so sure, it must be right.

Sarah lifted her head. “Go get the phone honey.” Smiling, happy now that it was decided.

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