Bisexual Husband Caught in a Trap

This guy never seems to learn his lesson and just keeps getting himself in deeper and deeper.

I’m not telling you this to give you guys stroking material.  I’m telling you this because I am in trouble and I don’t know what to do.
Frank and I were friends. Well, maybe friends isn’t the right word because Frank was an asshole who always found ways to use and torment anyone that caught his interest and I just happened to live next door to him.

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So what happened was, one day we found some hard stuff that my parents had forgotten about in the basement and sat around drinking it. I guess I got drunk because at the time it seemed like the most natural thing in the world for me to do was to  slip that hard cock into my mouth and to suck and stroke it until it came in my mouth. He didn’t reciprocate, as a matter of fact, he blackmailed me for the rest of the time we were in school together. Not only did he expect oral sex anytime he was in the mood. But I had to do his homework every night or he threatened to tell everybody especially his sister, whom I had a crush on, That I was a cocksucking fag.
That was several years ago, Frank moved away, I got a good job at the school district and even found a woman that I fell in love with and forgot about the whole thing. I can’t say that I totally forgot about him… sometimes when I masturbate I would remember… Never mind about that! The thing is, is that he moved back a couple weeks ago and one of the first things he did was to look me up.
We talked for awhile and I told him how great things were going for me with my job and wife but I felt like he punched me in the stomach when he asked me if I ever told her about how I liked to suck on his dick. I told him no I hadn’t because that was a long time ago and I didn’t do that anymore.
He laughed and said if it wasn’t any big deal then he wanted to tell my wife about it. I pleaded with him not to tell her and I am sure, by my panic, you might be able to guess what happened.
He said if I gave him one last blowjob he would leave me alone and never tell her. So I got down on my knees and unzipped his pants and pulled his already hard cock out and started to suck on it just like the old days. I had forgotten just how big his cock was especially compared to my little guy, but then He grabbed my head and forcibly fucked my mouth until he came. I was gagging and coughing and he was laughing and cumming even though he said he wouldn’t cum in my mouth.
When he was done he showed me some cell phone pictures that he had just taken of me sucking his cock. I was mad as hell and tried to grab the phone from him. He just pushed me away and laughed again and said that now the only way that he wouldn’t show my wife the pictures was if he got to fuck her. I told him to leave. He said I should think to about it and he would be back in a few days to find out what I wanted to do.
So I don’t know what to do. I am sure that I can put him off for awhile by sucking his cock whenever he comes over but once he gets a wicked idea in his evil mind he never lets go. My wife comes from a a family of homophobes and she would probably leave me if she ever found out that I did such a thing. But the thought of him, of all people, fucking my wife’s tight pussy with that oversized dick of his makes me want to throw up. I mean she was a one of the few girls that he didn’t get to fuck when we were younger. and anyhow, how would I even arrange such a thing.

Man I am screwed.

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  • mitemouse says:

    The only way to remove blackmail risks (thats your problem, is to remove the problem. One way is very illegak anf you could wind up in jail…without a wife. or…sit your wife down, admitting that you have something to tell her, tell her th whole story, but add the fact that you only performed because of Frank’s blackmail. Emphasise the fact that Frank is once again blackmailing you for something greater, your wife. The whole purpose is for you to take control…. You could also arrange if Frank does force his way on your wife, arrange for her to yell loudly RAPE…. Bullies / blackmailers only like attention when they are in charge…… If your wife leaves you because of your activity, believe me, the risk was always there.

  • srmale says:

    I think you should let him fuck you instead.

  • cuckinpa says:

    I wish Frank was my neighbor!

  • jacksam says:

    Encourage your wife to fuck him. It’s not fair you deny her a man’s cock. How big are you anyway?

    I’d luv this situation to happen to me.

  • DocFev says:

    Get a recording of him ‘blackmailing’ you and then up the ante on him, maybe his family and friends don’t want to know what kind of guy he is. A bully backs down when confronted straight up.

  • Gena says:

    I know how you feel, I had the same problem. I told my wife who he was and what I had did for him. She said that she thought it was great that I like to suck cock, as she like to fuck other men. It turned into a great life, she gets to fuck other men and I get to return to being a cocksucker. I really did like it and still do. I also get to clean her up after she has been well fucked. I have also found that I like being fucked by men also. It is a great life I have now.

  • Claire says:

    It seems to me you are trying to kid yourself that you aren’t a cocksucker. Face it, you keep going back to the well for something, don’t you? I think you aren’t looking for advice but for permission. I can give you permission and you’re welcome to it. The permission you really need is from your wife. Confess, tell her the whole unvarnished truth including your masturbation fantasy involving Frank, then do exactly what she tells you to do. You weak dicked men give women no credit at all. Put yourself entirely into her hands and get ready for the ride of your life.

  • tom says:

    I had almost this problem many years ago. I let my “friend” close to my wife. He took control of our lives and flattered her all the time. Finally she admitted she was attracted to him and fanatasised about him. I was sick but excited. I was hooked. I told her I didnt mind. We went for drinks, she got drunk and I pretended to be drunk and asleep on the sofa as he kissed her. She led him to our bedroom and I followed secretly and heard them making love. She adored his big cock. Eventually the secret was out. My friend moved into my house and we three slept together for more than 2 years. She said she loved me but needed sex with him. Eventually he got tired andmoved away with his job. We moved too and never saw him since. We never talk about him now but it still excites me in the pit of my stomache. My advice is to let him do what he wants. He will become bored when you comply. Enjoy the sickly moment of masochistic pleasure it doesnt last so long.

  • Bill says:

    Keep sucking his cock become a slave to him and your wife he will soon be fucking her and you will be their clean up fagot and cocksucking toy for your wife and her new lover

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