A Cuckold Fantasy Becomes Reality

With his wife in the shower getting ready for her first “date” with some big cock guy that she just met on the Internet, a soon to be cuckolded husband looks back on the events leading up to this point and starts thinking maybe things are moving too fast and wonders why it was so easy to convince his wife to go along.

I couldn’t believe how quickly things were moving, but they were. I now found myself sitting on my bed in our bedroom staring at our closed bathroom door, waiting for Candace to emerge. Beside me on the bed sat our laptop computer. I glanced over it at one more time, still trying to register if I was dreaming or if this was still real. With a mixture of anxiety, horror, and arousal I saw the Yahoo IM box still there, the cursor blinking on and off next to the last message Candace had typed on the machine “God…Okay! That sounds good. I’ll see you there at 9pm. I can’t wait!” Shortly after I’d watched my wife type it she’d kissed my cheek excitedly and bounded into the bathroom like a giddy schoolgirl, closing and locking the door behind her.

It had all started a few months ago when I’d finally admitted my fantasy of seeing her with another man. As I expected she’d been irate, and for a few nights hadn’t spoken to me. Finally I apologized to her, and told her I’d never think about it again. She’d accepted my apology sheepishly, and then admitted she’d overreacted, “It was just a fantasy after all…I shouldn’t be mad about things that turn you on…you can’t help that,” she’d admitted. That night as we were having sex she looked at me as she rode on top, “So you’d really like to see me on top of another guy like this?” I was amazed she’d brought it up again, and I admitted, “Yes baby I would…” At my words I watched my wife close her eyes and bite her lip, she started to cum without me even touching her clit which was unusual. Seeming a little embarrassed she got off of me after her orgasm ended and went to sleep. I tried to talk to her, but she obviously didn’t want to address what had just turned her on so much.

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