A Cuckold Wifes Fantasy

So I’ve got my bed all set up for some private fun.
My toys are laid out and plugged in. My bowl is ready with my pink dildo attached. I’ve got towels and lotion within reach. I lotion up the dildo, my pussy and my breasts, then slide the bid dildo into my waiting pussy.

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Ok now I am feeling more relaxed so now I have to think, “what is my fantasy for tonight”? I think about talking, to my friend Tony earlier that day. He told me he saw his first glory hole a couple of days ago. He had gone to Las Vegas so on the way he stopped by an adult bookstore.
I had told him about glory holes in our earlier conversations and he was surprised when he finally saw one.
So I asked him if he stuck his cock into one or if he sucked on one coming thru.
He said no to both but that he was allowed to watch a couple fuck in the next booth peering through the glory whole.
He said it was exciting even though he wasn’t invited to join them.
So now I am thinking about his excited cock and start imagining my dildo
is his throbbing rock hard cock. It feels so good sliding in and out of my swollen pussy.
Then I throw my left leg over my right and pull my left leg up towards my chest so my pussy is more open like I am getting fucked on my side with the guy on his knees behind me.
That way I can feel Tony’s cock as it slides over my lips and penetrates deep inside of me.
As I fuck my dildo up and down while on my side with my left breast still being stimulated with the vibrator..my top half is more laying flat as my bottom half is twisted to the side.
Anyway it’s workin for me… Now my fantasy moves more in the direction of a cuckold situation. Since we have discussed how he would feel if in the heat of the moment another man touched or licked his cock, would he be ok with that. Because my first love is watching male male porn. I love the raw sexuality of men having sex with men.
So already I am getting hotter… I think about Tony fucking me while my cuckold husband gets himself around so he can lick on my swollen pussy while I am getting fucked by Tony’s rock hard cock…I want my husband to lick me and the shaft of Tony’s penis as it disappears into my pussy. He does it and I feel Tony’s cock pump up even larger as my husbands tongue licks across his shaft. Now my pussy is really pulsating.. Tony seemed to enjoy that, so I go a step further…

I tell my cuckold husband to do the same but this time to pull Tony’s cock from my pussy and slide it into his mouth for a stroke or two, get it all slick then slide it back into my wet pussy. So he does as he is told. Now Tony can barely contain himself and is fucking me with long hard strokes. I whisper in his ear and tell him how hot it would make me if he would shoot his load into my hubbies mouth the next time I have him pull him out. He says ok, ok I tell hubby to do it again but this time to take his time with Tony’s cock. He pulls him out and licks all over my wet pussy before sliding Tony’s cock back into his mouth.

The waiting made Tony very excited so my cuckold got to feel his throbbing cock tremble as he slid it into his mouth. He sucked it and rolled his tongue all around that beautiful hard cock. I whispered to Tony, “now baby” and at that moment
he let it all go and fucked my sweeties mouth like it was my pussy. His load shot down his throat with some to spare. Before he swallowed it all I had him come up and snowball me then I snowballed Tony.

Wow that was so hot that now I wonder if Jack and Tony could fuck me at the same time, both in my pussy at once. They both have longer then average cocks so I fantasize what that would be like.

I lay back on my back and get out my long double ended dildo to serve as Jack.. My pussy is so ready there is no problem sliding Jack in on top of Tony. So I go with the sensations of being fucked by two cocks at the same time, thinking about them rubbing together in my pussy. The way they are positioned the undersides of their cocks are rubbing against each other with the outsides of each rubbing against my pussy walls. They are both as hard as can be. Neither one wanting to be out done by the other. I know secretly that they are both getting off on fucking another guys cock. They are just not ready to admit to those feelings openly yet. But I know and that makes me really hot. I switch to my more powerful vibrator for my clit and get ready to cum. I am fucking away on my pink dildo Tony and big blue which is Jack. I am switching from breast to breast and feeling my moment build. I hold it off as long as I can then fuck a little faster and I explode in wave after wave of throbbing pulses…My pussy muscles having spasm after spasm as I slide up and down on my two cocks. I lay there for a few minutes as I come down from my orgasm, everything still in place. Thinking about my newest fantasy and remembering how great it all felt..

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